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Profile spotlight #530 in sapele w/ some “Random” finishing tips

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Small and basic, this universal profile has the following dimensions: 5/8″ x 1″ and can be found on page 8 of our catalog. After speaking with Douglas from Random Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, it was apparent there are some classic, yet clever ways to work with our sapele wood, and its unique color. moncler outlet uk store He said we could share his information with our audience, so here goes: Rockler-Sam Maloof’s Poly Oil Finish is a forgiving product that leaves the wood looking beautiful. Simply rub on, let set for 24 hours and apply beeswax. mu legend zen for sale The next suggestions are based on classic chemical treatments, wherein safety equipment is a must (goggles, mask, gloves). mu legend zen Sweatshirt Ferrous sulfate comes in a dry powder and when mixed with water and applied to the wood with either a sponge or brush, it reacts and brings out a striking grayish color. mu legend zen Similarly, potassium dichromate reacts and brings out an eye-catching deep red.

Sapele wood – the popular alternative to mahogany & why Foster made the switch

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Genuine mahogany was once the premier imported wood species. adidas superstar Its primary growing region is in South America and, to a lesser degree, in Central America and small portions of Mexico. T-shirts tech short sleeve In November 2003, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) imposed stricter regulations on the trade of genuine mahogany, stating that when shipping this wood species, it must be accompanied by a CITES Appendix II permit. After the regulations were in effect, shipments from some areas, such as Brazil, halted, while supplies from Peru and Bolivia scarcely trickled in (supplies still being brought in from Guatemala and Mexico were available, but considered to be of lesser quality). Due to a lowered supply, the price of genuine mahogany doubled and what now was available had a reduced quality. High prices paired with low quality made most people back off from buying genuine mahogany at this stage, and in turn, the overall demand greatly declined. rucksack jack wolfskin perfect day Alternatives to genuine mahogany were quickly being sought out, and one popular candidate was a wood species called sapele (pronounced: suh-pee-lee). Sapele, also called sapele mahogany or scented mahogany, grows in large sections of western and central Africa, from Sierra Leone to Uganda, and south to Angola (this is one of the large canopy trees in the equatorial West African forest). Sapele is a bit harder than genuine mahogany, a little more crystalline in appearance, the sapwood is a white to pale yellow, and the reddish-brown heartwood resembles African mahogany. Cheap MU2 Legend Power Leveling When freshly cut, sapele has a spicy smell, which some compare to a “cedar-like” aroma. mu legend items online It also has characteristics that make it easy to work with, and is said to stain and polish with ease. Foster was one of the many establishments which had to adjust to the situation taking place with genuine mahogany several years back, and thereby searched for an equivalent substitute that we could stand by and be proud of. Ever since we made the switch to sapele and incorporated this wood species into our catalog, we have heard nothing but positive responses.

Would you like your invoices & statements emailed?

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Options are nice, and we continue striving towards opportunities that will give our customers just that. Clothing And Costumes buy mu legend zen Our system now provides the option for our customers to receive their invoices and statements via email. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling So, if this option sounds like it is right up your alley, then jump on-board and let us know the date you would like to begin receiving your e-invoices and e-statements. adidas stan smith mu legend zen Just email us at with your company name and the date you would like the new online cycle to begin.

Join Us On Facebook

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We have recently joined Facebook and would like to invite you to be our friend. Masterpiece Kodiak Doudoune Parajumpers France mu legend zen mu legend power leveling Stay updated daily with what’s going on in the world of moulding and particularly with FPM. Belstaff Womens Wax Cotton legend zen for sale Get tips on finishes, meet new contacts, and stay in the loop with which profiles and woods are trending. mu legend zen for sale mu legend power leveling buy mu legend zen If you’re not a member of Facebook, just follow the link below and be sure to add us as a friend as soon as you finish signing up.

Profile Spotlight:#618 /Gilder’s Paste Finish

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(a quick & easy finish using Gilder’s Paste) With dimensions 1-13/16 x 5, this basswood profile is one of our more popular patterns and can be found on page 12 of our catalog. mu legend redzen parajumpers Femme Pas Cher Mens Belstaff Leather & Shearling legend zen for sale mu2legendzen mu legend power leveling For those of you who are not producing finishes, a basic way to get your feet wet is by using gilder’s paste: use a makeup sponge or paint brush, along with a small amount of paint thinner and apply. woolrich outlet online forum Cheap MU Legend Items Jumpers & Sweatshirts cheap mu Legend zen mu legend zen mu legend zen Let moulding sit for approx 10 minutes, then buff using a dry cotton cloth.

Back from WCAF 2010

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What a year this was for the famous tradeshow held at the Las Vegas Hilton (West Coast Art & Framing Show). Adidas Scarpe Online the north face hoodie womens uk new balance mens nike chaussure adidas zx flux air jordan 28 We had an amazing time and it was fun re-connecting with regular clients, Air Jordan Men ugg boots chaussures asics as well as meeting a large number of new potential clients. mu legend redzen for sale buy mu legend redzen nike air max 90 homme adidas femme kd for uk nike air max tn soldes We had demonstrations using our raw moulding performed by Larry Neuberg’s fabric wrapping expert, nike lebron cheap nike air max shoes adidas yeezy boost adidas factory outlet Bill Parrie with his intriguing leather wrapping, ray ban aviator price Adidas Zx pas cher basket asics igs new balance chaussures David Wareham did some amazing work with his gilder’s paste, Women Air Jordan nike air max tn soldes adidas originals Cheap UGG Ansley Sale Roland from Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe did a captivating demonstration of wood carving, new balance 530 new balance chaussures ugg boots uk for sale air jordan 30 Paul MacFarland stretched a challenging painted canvas for us using our 2″ custom stretcher bars, oakley fuel cell asics shoes sale uk new balance 515 and this was all available to watch right in our booth! If you happened to miss the demonstrations, chaussure adidas zx flux uggs buy uk new balance pas cher ugg boots we were streaming the videos of what you missed throughout the show. mu legend items online Jackets waterproof air jordan flight nike air max thea nike air max 90 ugg classic mini Thanks to Aedicule for also giving us a frame they creating with four different corners showing the possibilities of thier intricate work with our moulding.

Order Online & Save Time…

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Most of our customers call in to place their orders, and have more than likely had the experience of having to call back repeatedly, while our phone line seems to bark back with a never-ending busy signal. buy mu legend zen Yes, there is rarely a dull moment here at the Foster Mill, and one advantage of building our website was to have a user-friendly online order form. mu legend power leveling Some of you have caught on and used it (and it appears you will never go back to calling in your orders), while others still don’t know it exists or are hesitant to give it a try. buy mu legend zen We would like to encourage everyone to use the online order form at least once, so you know where to find it and how it works (just in case our famous busy signal doesn’t seem to resonate well with you one day), and you will now have an alternative way to place your order. Parajumpers High Fill Power Light Long Bear cheap mu Legend zen Simply go to – click on the menu tab on the left that says “Order Form”, fill in, hit “Submit” at the bottom, and voila! We will call to collect payment if you don’t have an open account or a credit card on file with us.


Profile spotlight #700 walnut w/finishing tips

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With dimensions 1-1/2 x 1/2, this widely used profile is found on page 18 of our catalog. mu legend zen online buy mu legend zen mu legend power leveling mu2legendzen mu legend power leveling According to Catherine atDon Francis Conservation Framing, a quality finish involves sanding and patience…also allowing time for things to dry inbetween coats is key. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling mu legend power leveling mu legend zen mu legend zen This particular frame shop located in Venice, CA has recently switched to a number of water-based finishes to be more environmentally friendly. mu legend zen for sale We wanted to pass on some of their suggestions for types of finishes to use with walnut that will accentuate the beauty of the grain, while going “green”: generally speaking, water-based paints are available everywhere you look, and Minwax products are easy to use and fast-drying. mu legend zen for sale mu2legendzen legend zen for sale Minwax water-based wood stains are offered in a wide variety of different wood tones and decorative colors.

The Versatility Of Basswood

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Our staple wood, basswood, is a soft, light-colored, adidas zx 500 relatively light-weight hardwood, ugg boots sale which comes from the American Linden tree. adidas superstar It grows abundantly in an area stretching from the Appalachian Mountains, west into the Great Lakes area, air jordan basket and north into Canada. New Balance Outlet UK There is no shortage of basswood timber and it is the premier choice of many framers for a number of reasons. Aside from being extremely economical, oakley military law basswood paints and stains well – it has a relatively uniform light color, which helps to maintain consistent finishes from one piece of wood to the next. asics france Also, asics france basswood is considered ideal for carving, as the wood is soft and does not force the knife to follow the grain. Gilding, goldleafing, nike homme solde and an array of other creative finishes are also commonly performed on basswood mouldings.