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September 2012

Beginning with a finish…

As the summer draws to a close, we wanted to take this month’s issue to discuss a topic we get asked a lot about – f i n i s h e s. Everything that leaves our facility is raw/unfinished, and so we are clearly the experts at calculating and milling the precise shape of moulding profiles. However, exactly what you guys do with it as soon as it gets into your hands… ummm (shrug)…heck, we dunno. We are always appreciative when a customer sends us pictures of the final results of a project – but how exactly was that look created, and which products were used on our once bare, untainted moulding? One expression flowing though our minds is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to working with unfinished moulding: distressing, carving, painting, staining, fabric wrapping, gilding, etc (and not to mention, using a combination of possibilities). After considering all the different directions one could go, we decided that our inquiring clients should have some answers at their very fingertips. After hours of speaking with our talented, seasoned custom finishers, we decided to gather the best of the best product ideas our experts offered as their personal recommendations. We then evaluated, simplified, and diversified the selection, and put everything into one affordable kit. Our “Finishing Kits for Beginners” are available at this time for $49.95, and we have had a lot of positive feedback about the quality of products, ease of use, and the terrific results that can be achieved from either using the products on their own, or combining them for a particular look. Of course, several free, two-foot moulding samples are included, which you personally select after perusing our extensive catalogue (over 200 different moulding profiles are available to choose from).

Our clientele ranges from the novice to the expert – these kits are a great idea for anyone looking to experiment with some new products. We have also found our kits make a wonderful gift for the following: someone freshly introduced to the industry, someone who is a little stuck in their ways and wants to try out several new products without investing in large-sized containers, someone who needs a little more practice with their techniques, and/or someone who just likes to play with creative items and/or kits in general. As always, we are looking to support and inspire those who have connected with us over the years. If you have questions, we will always do our best to find answers and offer solutions, just as we have with our latest mentioned product.

kit items include: sandpaper, wood stain, 2 water-based colored stains (resembles paint), wax finish, clear coat finish, metallic paste, eco-friendly thinner, universal brush, foam brush, sponge, gloves, buffing cloths, detail ruler, a canvas bag, and several 2’ moulding samples (your choice).

As always, we look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow with our products and ideas. Please visit our Blog for discussions and comments, and thank you for 90 years and counting!

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Foster Planing Mill 1258 W. 58th St. Los Angeles, CA90037

Attending WCAF 2011 in Las Vegas

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The WCAF Show (West Coast Art & Framing) is just around the corner, and we thought we would take a moment to remind everyone of all the advantages of attending this annual show held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, January 24th – 26th (Note: workshops/classes begin on Sunday, January 23rd). If you don’t have a booth, you should still come to explore the show floor, as there are many benefits to simply being there and being seen – remember, the more you educate yourself about who is out there and what they are offering, the more prepared you will be for your customer’s questions, requests, and for potential changes in the industry. mu legend zen Ultimately, as your awareness, knowledge, and contacts increase, the more effective you will become with your future business maneuvers. mu2legendzen Some benefits to simply wandering the floor include: 1) getting to see/meet suppliers – there are probably people you have been working with for years that you have never personally met. Note: this is a great opportunity to either meet those you are working with, or encounter new suppliers that you might enjoy working with in the future, 2) viewing new products and technology – there may be some new products that could enhance your business and/or cut down your production time, 3) general networking – seeing and being seen have already been discussed, along with meeting suppliers, but how about talking with everyone you possibly can? You never know what types of information, opportunities, and/or formed relationships can arise from simply striking up a conversation with someone next to you at the show, 4) trend observation – are you keeping up with what is going on in the world of framing? Is there a possibility you could lose business if you are not keeping up with certain styles & techniques that are currently trending? Taking workshops/classes are yet another big part of the show and offer unique opportunities to: 1) play and satisfy a curiosity – maybe you don’t currently offer hand-crafted carving through your shop, but decide it may be fun to take a wood carving workshop just to give it a try (you may surprise yourself and find you are a natural at something you never imagined), 2) learn new skills/sharpen skills – if we don’t use it, we tend to lose it, and it also may be time to pick up a skill that has become a necessity due to increased demand, 3) explore the business side of running a frame shop (pricing, marketing, web site development, etc.) – this is a great opportunity to learn around like-minded people who may also need help in these areas, and to discover how other framers are doing their job more effectively.


The Importance Of Keyed-Out Stretcher Sets

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When working in an art-related business, sooner or later a request will come up as to whether or not you are able to stretch a canvas. Some simply use strainer bars to accomplish this task, however, strainers are not considered acceptable for stretching fine art because of their inability to expand. A more professional and functional instrument to use (especially when dealing with larger sized paintings) would be stretcher bars with keyed-out corners (and keyed-out sides if including cross bars). Keyed-out stretcher sets have been used for centuries, and for those who truly understand the characteristics and properties of how canvas behaves, it is clear that ordering these types of bar sets are, without a doubt, the only way to go. barbour outlet milford Let’s talk for a brief moment about canvas, while considering temperature and moisture changes in the air. spyder pants sale Canvas is constantly moving as a result of increases and decreases in temperature, as well as humidity and dryness fluctuations – increased humidity alters the canvas by loosening the tension and the canvas becomes slack. Keyed-out stretchers allow one to adjust and stretch the framework, ultimately helping to keep the canvas looking top-notch and taut. cheap mu legend zen Keep in mind there are certain factors to consider regarding stretching canvas and using stretcher keys, as well as when and how to make necessary adjustments. Needless to say, education on proper use and guidelines for alterations are advised to ensure each individual canvas is being handled properly. Foster is very passionate about quality and tradition, so it is very natural how we came to craft and offer these types of stretchers to the public, along with our stock and specialized moulding.


How is this antique look achieved?

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It would be great if you could share your expertise of how this antique style look is achieved when creating frame finishes from unfinished moulding. Buy MU Online Legend Power Leveling This artwork and frame were a gift to Foster Planing Mill and date back to the 1940’s/1950’s – the frame is a scoop- style and has a gray & cream color, mu legend redzen looks worn with scuffs, mu legend zen and has pretty,


The big picture when ordering chops

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Were you aware there are actually four different ways to order chops, and that three out of the four ways could be considered “EXACT”?

1) Rabbet Size (with allowance)

2) Rabbet Size (EXACT – without allowance)

3) Outside Dimensions (EXACT)

4) Sight Size (EXACT)

Please view our September Newsletter for further details


Fabric Wrapped Liners

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Fabric wrapped liners are a sure-fire way to add some extra depth, texture, style, culture, charater, etc. to your framing projects. What are your favorite types of fabrics to use and what adhesives do you feel work best – we suggested Fabrimount.

Please view our June Newsletter for further details.



Thomas Houston sent these pictures over displaying the beauty of pairing a 3″ wide liner with a printed fabric for a combination that would “wow” any onlooker