Moulding Newsletter December 2011

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  • July 9, 2015

Must-Attend Workshops

The infamous West Coast Art & Framing Show (WCAF 2012) is just around the corner… this time at the Mirage Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. If you have never been to this event, then contemplate going if you are planning to be or are already involved in the art and framing industry. Last year, we outlined various benefits for attending the show we don’t want to repeat ourselves, so to recap the information from last year’s write-up, please visit our newsletters archive, located on our website under the Monthly Newsletters tab (Click Here for a shortcut, then scroll down to the January 2011 edition).

Aside from all the listed fundamental benefits, we would like to draw attention to the workshops offered at the show collectively, these workshops are referred to as the National Conference and give rise to many essential key elements for achieving and maintaining success within the art and framing industry. This is a valuable opportunity to meet and learn from the go to people in the business, and there is a wealth of information to take away from these workshops; now is the time to enroll. Foster Planing Mill will be sponsoring several workshops this year, which all pertain to using unfinished moulding:
H618 Contemporary Gilding

Creating Custom Finishes on Wood
M298 The Twenty Greatest Frames of All Time
The Fine Art of Toning Gilded Frames

Visit the WCAF 2012 website
for a full list of available classes, along with course descriptions and prices (HInt: these workshops fill up quickly, so book them while you have a chance). The tradeshow dates are from January 30, 2012 thru February 1, 2012, and the National Conference dates are from January 29, 2012 thru February 1, 2012. The Mirage Resort & Casino, where both the tradeshow and conference will be held, offers a room discount for those planning to stay at the hotel and attend the show (visit the Hotel and Travel page on the WCAF website for further details).

For those who feel that the winter is their slow time of the season, this is the perfect occasion to use that down time in a constructive way. For those who feel that business never slows down, while you make the rest of us feel jealous, don’t forget to carve some time out to make some new contacts and gain a fresh perspective on developed techniques it could take your business from good-to-great, and remember that most (if not all) practices could use a little polishing. Please stop by and visit us in booth #529, so we can meet you in person. We’re currently trying to get Bob, our President, to dress as an Elvis impersonator for the show, but have only talked him into wearing the sideburns so far – thank you, thank you very much!

Please visit us on the Foster Blog to discuss WCAF 2012 details, including plans to attend the tradeshow, workshops, etc., and we’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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