Moulding Newsletter July 2010

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  • July 9, 2015

Welcome to our monthly newsletter that is designed to feature mouldings, finishing tips, wood types, events, and new happenings here at Foster Planing Mill (FPM), as well as attribute interesting work our customers are involved with. We are committed to creating the highest quality wood moulding on the market, as well as providing top-notch, personalized customer service. Thank you for taking interest in our products, as we continue thriving in our 88th year of operation.

The versatility of basswood

Our staple wood, basswood, is a soft, light-colored, relatively light-weight hardwood, which comes from the American Linden tree. It grows abundantly in an area stretching from the Appalachian Mountains, west into the Great Lakes area, and north into Canada. There is no shortage of basswood timber and it is the premier choice of many framers for a number of reasons. Aside from being extremely economical, basswood paints and stains well – it has a relatively uniform light color, which helps to maintain consistent finishes from one piece of wood to the next. Also, basswood is considered ideal for carving, as the wood is soft and does not force the knife to follow the grain. Gilding, goldleafing, and an array of other creative finishes are also commonly performed on basswood mouldings. It seems to encompass a variety of workability characteristics that are well received by all who choose to employ this wood species

Profile Spotlight:#618 (a quick & easy finish using Gilder’s Paste)

With dimensions 1-13/16 x 5, this basswood profile is one of our more popular patterns and can be found on page 12 of our catalog. For those of you who are not producing finishes, a basic way to get your feet wet is by using gilder’s paste: use a makeup sponge or paint brush, along with a small amount of paint thinner and apply. Let moulding sit for approx 10 minutes, then buff using a dry cotton cloth.

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