Moulding Newsletter May 2011

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  • July 9, 2015

Glorious Knots – revealing a rare source for artsy images…

When it comes to ordering moulding, does the following request sound familiar: “One-hundred feet of clean, straight sticks…no knots”? We understand, as our customers are hard at work making picture frames, furniture, or are adding our moulding to the interior or exterior of their home – knots would simply distract from the overall clean flow of the design in mind. For 89 years, Foster Planing Mill has taken great pride in our wood product’s quality, along with our commitment to cut out all imperfections (knots included), so that our customers can use every single foot supplied in their order. From what we hear, this seems to be a rarity these days & we enjoy being a one-of-a-kind company dedicated to offering this type of quality and service to our customers.

We certainly see our fair share of wood here at FPM, and as mentioned in a previous newsletter, a professionally trained eye is part of our moulding process. We look at every piece of wood as it comes through the moulding machine – sometimes during the milling process, imperfections under the wood’s surface become exposed, such as knots. So what happens to these nasty knots that nobody seems to want?

Let us sidetrack for a moment to discuss imperfections – when something isn’t perfect, this gives us an opportunity, with our creative minds, to look at an item a little differently. After all, aren’t imperfections where character lies and intrigue unfolds? Sometimes imperfections can be a blessing in disguise, especially when they occur naturally – just as some of the world’s most acclaimed works of art have occurred… simply by accident. What may have been identified as faults or defects, actually turn out to entail the characteristics which make a particular item unique, and therefore recognizable to the viewer’s eye.

Flash back to knots – well, the typical outcome for these cut-out imperfections is a date with the waste bin, however, once in awhile there is something more that is noticed by our trained eyes hard at work. An image can seem to appear and capture our attention so intensely that it’s impossible to simply toss the cut-out wood piece aside. Art… unplanned art, from a natural imperfection (so to speak), was just created through the milling process! Imagine the variety of images which may have been exposed if the lumber had been cut at different widths or angles….hmmm.

No, we’re not suggesting that you place your future orders with demands to keep the knots in, however, if by chance a knot happens to go unnoticed and slips through inspection, perhaps you can now look at it differently and discover a natural work of art within the so-called defect, just as we have. After stumbling across countless numbers of these playful impressions over time, we decided to use this month’s issue to share with you some of the artsy images that have captured our attention (which are now part of a rare collection here at FPM). As the month of May is dedicated to honoring mothers, we would like pay homage to Mother Nature for finding yet another inventive way to create natural art for us to enjoy!

The Lioness

Diving Whale

Friendly Bear

If you have some artistic knot images of your own to share, we would love to see them – please post them on the Foster Planing Mill Blog under the section titled “Glorious Knots”.

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