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  • July 9, 2015

There are various reasons which may lead one to take the plunge and design their own custom moulding profiles. Perhaps there is a project which involves restoring a particular part of a home (interior moulding), or one side of an outdated or historical picture frame needs to be matched.

Could it be no one seems to carry exactly what you’re looking for – the profiles you are seeking out are similar to what you are finding…but not quite close enough? Or maybe you just want to be completely original with everything you do, and nothing short of a unique and ingenious design will suffice.

Regardless of the reason for embarking on this creative adventure, we at Foster Planing Mill support your initiatives and are very proud to offer custom milling as a service to the public. After being in operation for 88 years, believe us when we say this company has seen its fair share of the rare and the wild when it comes to moulding designs. It is always an interesting challenge to plan out the execution of each design, and ultimately watch it come to life.

We would like to encourage having an open mind and some fun while entertaining any new ideas that enter your head from here on out. People continue to demand and enjoy original work, and what better way to compliment a part of the home or a work of art than with something completely unique and/or off the wall (excuse the pun).

What an inventive way to market your abilities and shop by offering exclusive moulding profiles that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Some exercises to spark inspiration include thinking about the overall theme of the room the interior moulding is going to enhance, along with the look and feel of the artwork about to be framed.

Think of the moulding as an extension of the room or the artwork:
What types of lines and movement will engage onlookers when they enter the room and/or admire the artwork?
– What shapes and styles are most effective to really make this project stand out and grab attention?

– Have you ever explored the possibility of designing a moulding profile with multiple adjoining parts?

As you now realize you have the mental tools and ability to cross over into higher levels of detail and extravagance – hmmm… this really makes you begin to think, doesn’t it?

Spotlight custom “Couse” profile in basswood

Couse Bird parts A & B (shown in above photo) was designed by Marty at Goldleaf Framemakers of Santa Fe, located in Santa Fe, NM. This shop focuses on hand-carved, gold-leaf, period picture frames.

Marty and his team members strive to find the perfect marriage between the frame and the artwork with every given project – their mindset is that the period of the artwork should perfectly match the period of the frame which surrounds it.

These frames are finished with exquisite goldleafing, which is Marty’s long life passion, as well as his special trademark.

How to order custom milling with Foster Planing Mill:

1) Open your mind & unleash the possibilities
2) Draw/map out profile (include dimensions)
3) Specify which wood type you would like your profile to be milled in
4) State the quantity you are looking to order (min 200 feet)
5) Estimate the date of when you will be needing the order (allow 10 days – 2 weeks)
6) Have a name ready for your custom profile so that we can safely file it away
7) Email or fax your drawing to: (323) 758-4071,
8) We will create a price quote and contact you shortly
9) Smile, as you are in the process of creating something exciting and unique.

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