Custom Mouldings

Be innovative! – your very own profiles can be produced to your specifications. We can make your custom patterns in minimum quantities of 200 linear feet or more with no additional set-up fees. The turnaround time for a custom moulding project is 1 to 2 weeks.Custom wood profiles are ordered and sold by the lineal foot. Wood chops can also be created from your custom profile, upon your request.

Steps for requesting custom milling:

  1. Draw/map out profile (include dimensions)
  2. Specify which type of wood for milling (Wood Properties Chart link below for help with wood selection)
  3. State the UI Calculator to make your frame (min 200 feet)
  4. Estimated time to complete custom milling order (allow 1-2 weeks)
  5. Contact Us to email or fax drawing
  6. We will contact you with a price quote for the custom moulding project
  7. When ordering, decide on a name for your custom profile
Wood Properties Chart

Call us to inquire about shipping policies, secure payment processing, and timely delivery to New York City, Utah, Seattle, Santa Fe, San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix, Denver, Chicago and Atlanta. Call today, (213) 523-9463.