What is the minimum order for stock profiles?

There is no minimum order for our stock moulding (there are over 200 profiles to choose from!).

What is the minimum order for customized work?

There is a 200′ minimum for customized profiles.

Is there a minimum order for customized stretcher bars?

There is no minimum order for stretcher bars.

How can I get a price quote for a customized profile?

Just fax or email a drawing of the customized profile with dimension specifications, the type of wood you would like to use, the quantity you will be needing, and your contact information. We will get back to you quickly with a price quote, once this information has been received. Download the general moulding price guide now.

How long does it take to create a customized profile?

This depends on our weekly schedule, the type of wood you would like to use, and the quantity you will be ordering – just call us to get the most accurate estimate for that particular point in time.

Do your stretcher bars come with expandable corners? What about keys?

Yes, all custom ordered stretcher bars come with expandable corners and keys for a more effective stretch.

What if I want to cut my own stretcher bars?

We also carry 2″ or 3″ barstock if you would like to cut your own stretcher bars (most people prefer to just give us the dimensions and let us do the work for them).

What if I want to order your stock moulding in a type of wood other than what is listed?

No problem. You can certainly order our stock moulding in the wood of your choice – any alterations to the stock patterns, including using a different wood species, labels the order as a “custom” order at this point and a 200′ minimum order is required. We can give you a quote on what the new price will be with the wood type you have selected. Download the Foster Mill’s moulding wood properties chart.

Do you ship the moulding in length or can you miter cut profiles for a particular frame size?

We can either ship the moulding to you in length so you can cut it yourself, or just let us know the dimensions of the frame(s) you are trying to create and request “chops” – just remember to specify if you would like the standard 1/8″ allowance, exact (without 1/8″ allowance), outside dimensions, or sight size.

Is there a charge if I want to request samples?

There is no charge for samples (the samples come in linear feet and are not corner samples).

Do you handle any types of finishes?

No, all moulding is shipped unfinished. On large quantity custom orders we can provide sanding services at the customer’s request for an additional charge.

How long have you been in business? Why should I choose Foster?

Foster Planing Mill has been around for 88 years. People seem to really like our products and friendly nature, we have many loyal clients due to our personalized style, and people trust our quality and expertise. We would love for you to come onboard and join the Foster Family! Read more about Foster Planing History